Sunday, August 21, 2011

Germ Attak/External Menace/The Diskonected ordering info

We are on The eve of the new releases by Germ Attak, External Menace and The Diskonected dropping so I am now taking orders for the new batch of records. you can get them through our awesome new big cartel web store or just email Wholesale get in touch too! On top of that we now have AWESOME LOUD PUNK record bags up on the big cartel. You can also get some limited shirts by Civil Victim and Germ Attak. Dont forget we still have some limited color vinyl on all 4 LP releases, all of which are getting very close to being sold out

of the 3 new releases
orders for just Germ Attak LP's will ship next week, the others will follow about 2 weeks later

Also check out our store on filled with over 500 new distro records and lots of used items

wholesale? questions? info?