Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here are some new additions to the web store:
Bad Friends - S/T 7"
Icon Gallery - Valiance 7"
Inservibles - Unda Vida de Tristeza EP 7"
Last Chaos - Kill Dick Control 7"
The Now Dead - EP 7"
Pissheads - Kill Hippie System 7"
Warning/Warning - My World 7"
ASILE - Kichesippi Toxique LP
Blue Cross - I Am Death LP
DERROTA - Asko Infinito LP
Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP
Panikos - Awakening From Lethargy LP
The Wankys - Knock One Out LP

I have also added around 50 used items to the store. Looks for a ton more stuff going up this week. I will be adding pictures soon after. If you have any questions about used items just send me an email: loudpunk@gmail.com

[loudpunk.storenvy.com] »

Loud Punk Records also has a PO Box again: PO Box 6115 Albany NY 12203 USA. so feel free to send me stuff, especially whoever would send me those weird random occult clippings every once in a wile

 I also have Sect LP's on the way. Just waiting on mr post man