Monday, July 8, 2013


Loud Punk Records is proud to bring you the long over due reissue of one of the Holy Grail's of Swedish punk. In 1983 Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels released their first EP "Doomsday Troops" themselves and raised a quite a bit of interest worldwide, Though they recorded 2 other ep's this turned out to be their only release of the 80's before disbanding in 1989, Though in 2010 they reunited and since released the fantastic "If Nothing's Right..." EP. Over they years this has become one of the most collectible punk records to be released from the country of Sweden. You no long have to sell your station wagon in order to obtain a copy of this certified ripper. Remastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Studios and sounding better then ever!

Limited yellow vinyl for mailorder

Listen to a track here:

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coming soon:
External Menace - Coalition Blues LP
Self Abuse - Teenage LP
Neutron Rats - Bomb Worship 7"
I Manici - Clone My Cock flexi

also got back from a store a few copies of 2 sold out releases . 7" by Foreign Objects and Nuclear Family, they are up in the webstore

As usual check the webstore for 100's of other great titles too, lots of great stuff has been coming in as of late